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Parents Support Group

The Parent Support Group (PSG) provides PSG members the opportunity to:

  1. Share their perspectives and feedback on school programmes and processes
  2. Share their knowledge and experience with the students as part of the students’ holistic education
  3. Network and learn with other parents as the children mature into confident teenagers

As valued partners of the school, the school will invite the PSG members to:

  1. Plan and participate in parenting workshops that meet the needs of different groups of parents.
  2. Have conversations with school leaders and key personnel on MOE and school policies.
  3. Participate in MOE activities for parents.
  4. Join the students and staff in key school programmes as part of our school community.
  5. Plan and carry out interesting activities for PSG members

The teachers who will be working most closely with PSG members are:

  1. Dr Mohammad Shah B Razak (HOD PE/CCA)
  2. Mrs Quek-Chang Way Lie (LT/NFS)
  3. Mrs Chan Lay Yean 
  4. Mdm Meenakshi

Parent Representatives for Different Levels in 2021

Secondary 1 Mdm Jasmine Tan
Secondary 1Mdm Suriani Binte Tokiman
Secondary 2 Mdm Josephine Tan Hui Choo
Secondary 3 Mdm Samantha See
Secondary 4 and 5 Mrs Kee Hwee Sin
Secondary 4 and 5 Mdm Doris Lee


Dear Parent,
Thank you for your interest to join the PSG. Kindly fill in the information through the link https://qrgo.page.link/8ux8F or scan the QR quote.


Breakfast with School Leaders for Sec 1 PSG members

On 19 February 2021, our Sec 1 PSG parents were invited to a Breakfast session with our School Leaders. It was an enjoyable session where the teachers and school leaders got to know more about our parents and also for the parents to know more about our school.