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Ambassadors of Citizenship and Environment Education (ACEs)

The ACEs are student leaders who promote environmental causes and encourage their peers to have a greater sense of belonging to the school and the nation. Their roles are to:

Promote environmental awareness and encourage recycling in class
  1. Update the class noticeboard (CEE Corner)
  2. Carry out class-based Citizenship Education activities
  3. Encourage class participation in Core CE Event competitions
  4. Encourage Class Participation in Environmental Education-related competitions
  5. Gain greater insight at Citizenship and Environmental Education Workshops
  6. Represent JVS in externally-organised environmental activities
  7. Lead and organise other school events

The ACEs are recognised based on a leadership progression badge structure where each ACE can aspire towards the Platinum Badge. Details of attainment of these badges are shown in the chart below.