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Student Discipline

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Approach to Student Discipline

Discipline is one of our school values. Our school believes that when our students learn to be more disciplined, they think and act in more responsible and considerate ways. Responsible and considerate behaviour, in turn, contribute to a conducive learning environment.

When our students consistently make the decision to do the right thing without being told to do so, and are guided by the right values in their decision-making process, they begin to exercise self-discipline. When our students are self-disciplined, they will succeed in whatever they choose to excel.

To influence the students’ character development through discipline, we believe in the need to discipline with care. Guided by this philosophy, the school will:
  • Demonstrate care by having high expectations of our students
  • Demonstrate care by affirming our students when they make responsible decisions and behave appropriately
  • Demonstrate care by providing support and useful feedback to students when they have behaved irresponsibly or in an inconsiderate manner
  • Demonstrate care by helping students to learn about responsible behaviour through appropriate disciplinary consequences

School Rules and Regulations

Students of Jurongville are expected to respect the school rules and regulations. These rules and regulations allow all students to learn in a safe, respectful and orderly environment.

When deciding the appropriate disciplinary consequences, the school will consider the seriousness of the offence. Parents will be informed when students are disciplined. They may be requested to meet the staff of the school depending on the offence. This will allow the school to support the students’ change in behaviour through our partnership with the parents.

If students continually and persistently break the school rules, despite the support and care of the school staff, they may be suspended or expelled from school.

To remind students of their responsibilities in relation to the school rules and regulations, students should refer to the following ABC Expectations:

A – Appearance. Accept all school rules regarding hair style, personal grooming, school uniform, PE attire and shoes as you are a student of Jurongville.
B – Behaviour. Behave in a responsible manner as required by the school rules and our national laws. Make your behaviour a source of pride for your family and friends.
C – Commitment. Commit to doing the right thing all the time. Start by coming to school punctually and regularly. Make it your habit to do the right thing.


  • All students are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Any modification to the school uniform is not allowed. All students must wear trousers / shorts / skirts of appropriate lengths.
  • All students must wear the proper PE attire during PE lessons and change back into their formal school uniform by the end of the PE lesson.
  • All students must not wear cap or head-covering material in school.
  • School uniform must be tucked in at all times.

  • Only black or white sport shoes are allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to wear slippers or sandals to school at any time. For students with foot problems, permission must be obtained from the Discipline committee. Only plain white socks are allowed.

For Boys
  • Boy’s hair should be short, neat, and of natural colour.
  • Coloured hair is not allowed.
  • Hair at the back of the neck should be sloped and clearly above the collar.
  • Boys are not allowed to keep facial hair and students with facial hair will be required to be clean-shaven.
For Girls
  • Girl’s hair should be neat, simple-styled and well-kept.
  • Girls who have shoulder-length hair or hair touching their collar must tie up their hair at all times.
  • Coloured hair is not allowed.
  • Hair accessories such as hair bands or hair clips must only be in black colour.

To encourage students to focus on learning, students are to keep their grooming simple, neat and plain. As such, the following are not allowed in school:
  • Tattoos, body art drawings and henna decorations.
  • Nail polish or long fingernails
  • Use of cosmetics
  • Jewellery in any form
  • Amulets worn around the neck for religious reasons should not be visible to others.
  • Tinted contact lenses
  • Ear sticks, ear rings, or studs on any part of the body.

Only girls are allowed to wear one pair of plain ear studs.

Amulets worn around the neck for religious reasons should not be visible to others.

Students with unacceptable grooming may be sent home to rectify their grooming before they are allowed to resume their learning.


  • Students are to be punctual in their respective classrooms, PE areas when lesson begins, with all their books and relevant materials.
  • Stand and exchange greetings with the teacher before and at the end of each lesson.
  • Students must obtain an EXIT PASS from the class teacher when leaving the classroom for any purpose.
  • Respect the school property as it belongs to everyone. Do not vandalise or misuse school property.
  • All food and drinks must be consumed in the canteen.
  • Students must clear the table top and return used crockery and cutlery to the respective receptacles provided in the canteen.
  • No students should be eating at the canteen during lesson time.
  • All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. Students are not to possess, sell, or use the following items on the school premises: chewing gum, cigarettes, pornographic materials, or any other items prohibited by the school or by law.
  • Students in school uniform are reminded to be at their best behaviour at all times, whether in or out of the school. This reflects our responsibility and pride as students of the school.


  • Punctuality must be observed at all times for attendance at school and at all school-related activities.
  • All students must assemble at the assembly area quietly by 7.30 a.m. to attend the flag-raising ceremony.
  • Students who are not at the assembly area by 7.30 a.m. will be considered late. Students who are late for more than 2 times in a semester will be detained after school.
  • All students are to sign in at the Security Guard post and proceed to the General Office to mark their attendance if they are late. Students who arrive in school after 9 am without valid reasons will not be allowed to join the class for lessons.
  • Students who need to leave school during curriculum time, need to obtain permission from the General Office.


  • Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. Non-citizens are to stand at attention.
  • All students are expected to sing the School Song with pride.


  • Attendance in school is important for learning. If a student is unable to attend school because he/she is unwell, he/she must submit either a medical certificate from a registered doctor or parent's letter to the Class Mentor the next school day.
  • Students who are absent without any valid reason will be considered to have played truant. Truants will face disciplinary consequences ranging from detention to suspension from school Parents of truanting students will be invited to school to work out a plan to support the students’ attendance in school.


  • The use of mobile phones and other telecommunication equipment is strictly prohibited during curriculum time. All mobile phones should be turned off during curriculum hours to allow students to focus on learning. Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones during supplementary and remedial lessons.
  • Students are not to use their mobile phones to record events that happen in school without the permission of the staff or the students. The school should be a safe space where the right to privacy of everyone is respected.
  • Any use of mobile phones to infringe the dignity or modesty of any staff or students is a serious offence. The school reserves the right to refer students to the police if the law may have been broken.
  • If a student uses his or her mobile phones inappropriately, and breaks the relevant school rules, the mobile phone can be confiscated by the teaching staff. The mobile phone will be returned to the student at 4 pm on the same day. For students who repeatedly break the school rules, or have committed serious offences with their phones, parents will be required to come to school to collect the mobile phones on behalf of the student.


Disciplinary Consequences
Examples of Irresponsible Or Inconsiderate Behaviour 
Minor Offences
  • Warning will be given

  • Acknowledgement of inappropriate behavior and proper apology made

  • Accept and serve punishment

  • Parents to be contacted

  • Counselling for student
Skipping lessons
Skipping detention
Other attendance related offences
Improper attire or grooming
Not submitting / doing assignments
Disruptive behavior during lessons/activities
Serious Offences  
  • Parents to meet Principal / HOD Discipline / Year Heads

  • Signing of contract with school

  • Caning for boys

  • Counselling for students

  • Referral to external agencies / Police for serious offences

  • Suspension / Expulsion from school
Cheating during tests / examinations
Smoking in school and out of school
Open defiance / rudeness towards the staff of the school
Assault and fighting
Bullying / Cyber bullying
Outrage of modesty of staff or students
Any acts of mischief that endanger the safety of self, other students and staff of the school
Refusal to take the National Pledge or to sing National Anthem
Any offences that may have broken the law

Student Conduct Grades

Offences Record Others
Above 95%
No serious offence record
  • Positive role model
  • Contributes to a conducive classroom environment
  • Submits work on time
  • Adhere to appropriate attire and grooming
  • Polite and respectful
  • Participate and contribute actively in CCA
Very Good
No serious offence record

No serious offence record
  • Generally positive role model
  • Usually submits work on time
  • Generally polite and respectful
  • May have some minor offences
  • Participate in CCA
Has committed 1 serious offence or 2 minor offences
Less than 50%
Has committed more than 1 serious offence