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Learning for Life Programme

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“Sports for Life” ~ Character through Sports Exposure, Empowerment & Excellence

Our Sports for Life involves a whole-school approach to character building through sports.  The overall curriculum is demarcated into three main tiers, namely, sports exposure, sports empowerment and sports excellence. Values such as perseverance, respect, integrity discipline & empathy are reinforced through the learning experiences in each tier. 

Sports Exposure provides developmental opportunities to expose students to a wide range of sports where they will catch values, hone character, and develop positive attitudes as well as social skills. In this tier, students will be able to choose the sports that they would like to learn under the games electives in the PE curriculum. They will also be introduced to inclusive sports and given opportunities to acquire knowledge through the Advance Elective Modules (AEM) in sports sciences.

Sports Empowerment focuses on developing sports leaders. Students will develop their leadership competencies through the various developmental opportunities. They are encouraged to take responsibility and to learn independence. They may form their own interest groups and propose activities to the school. To develop personal leadership in all students, all sec 2 students will undergo validation for the NYAA Bronze. The school encourages all students who are interested in officiating/junior coaching to attend such courses, including those who are not from Sports CCAs. A specific sports empowerment platform in Jurongville is the organising of sporting events. For example, NT students will organise the school cross country while the Sports CCA leaders will organise the sports carnival. The Sec 4&5 students will also be trained to be Sports Peer Mentors to the junior members. Students will also be given opportunities to be involved in outreach events such as organising external events with external partners.

Sports Excellence stretches talented sportsmen to excel in their field. The school engages qualified coaches who share the school's vision, mission, values and philosophy to coach the Sports CCA Teams. jurongville has also forged strategic partnerships with sports orgainisations to provide training and developmental opportunities for our talented athletes.

Student scoring a point for Tchoukball Girls in the finals 

Football boys coached by well-known Manchester City Youth coaches in the Betadine Youth Football Developmental Programme

Basketball came in 2nd at Developmental League Finals, award conferred by Parliamentary Secretary Ms Low Yen Ling


Jurongville Secondary School has offered Direct School Admission (DSA) through sports since 2012 under the Learning for Life Programme. This year, we would like to invite Primary 6 students who are talented in Football, Netball and Tchoukball to apply for DSA to our school.

Quotes from Parents / Students on Jurongville’s Sports for Life Programme
"Jurongville Sec’s Sports for Life programme has helped me get to know the school better. It provides my child the opportunity to interact with her schoolmates outside of the academic atmosphere. It provides an outlet for her to release stress from studies. It also provides opportunities for her to learn different skills and sports."
~ Paulyn Seow, Parent of Gisele Rei Tern, Sec 1B.
"I am very glad that the school has given my class the opportunity to organize the Fitness Run (Cross Country) for the school. This is part of the Sports Empowerment of Jurongville’s Sports for Life programme. As the Student IC for the event, I find it interesting and challenging at the same time to lead my classmates in organizing this event for the whole school. Through this opportunity, I am able to learn values such as discipline, teamwork, respect and excellence. I am also able to transfer the leadership skills that I have acquired in NCC to the organization of the Fitness Run." 
~ Muhd Syarizwan Bin Norisham, Sec 2T1, NCC CCA.    
"I am able to learn different sports of my choice during the PE lessons so that I can apply the skills learnt for lifelong physical recreation. It also enables me to demonstrate our school values of perseverance when learning a game that I am not good in. I will strive to do my best to learn the games so that I can play with my friends. In addition under the school's LLP, there are also opportunities for my classmates who are interested in Sports Science and Events Management to attend the AEMs that are conducted by the Polytechnics"
~ Glenda Cheong, Sec 3A, Choir CCA
"In the school's LLP, I find the whole programme very interesting as it provides a platform to develop character through the Sports Exposure, Sports Empowerment and Sports Excellence. Personally, I have the privilege of going through the 3 tiers of the LLP. I am able to learn the games that I am interested through the PE games electives modules. Through playing games like tag rugby & netball, I am able to learn values such as integrity, discipline and excellence. I can also apply the skills learnt for lifelong physical recreation. Furthermore, I was also involved as a referee during our school's sports carnival. Although it was a challenging experience, I got to learn to be patient with fellow schoolmates who were not familiar with the rules. Lastly, through the Tchoukball CCA training, I am also able to improve my skills and represented my school in Inter-School Tchoukball Championships."
~ Siti Farhanis Bte Mohd  R, Sec 3C, Tchoukball CCA
"Our LLP is good because it allows me to learn values such as perseverance and excellence through playing sports. I can also transfer these values to my academic studies. I will always strive to do my best in both sports and studies."
~ Syed Kalam, Sec 1N1, Football CCA (DSA Student).
"The games elective module in PE under the Sports Exposure of our LLP has given me the opportunity to learn new games of my choice and I can apply these skills for future recreation games with my friends."
~ Syuqri Bin Murat, Sec 1N1, Football CCA (DSA Student).
"I am glad to come to Jurongville Secondary School because of its LLP. This is because I am able to learn new games during PE lessons which I did not have when I was in primary school. I have also able to demonstrate the schools values when I represent the school in Inter-School Sepak Takraw Championships." 
~ Muhd Rabbani Bin Mohd Raffee, Sec 1N1, Sepak Takraw CCA.