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Syllabus Aims

The aims of the Science syllabuses are to:
  • cultivate students’ perception of Science as a collective effort and a way of thinking rather than just a body of facts;
  • engage students in Science-related issues that concern their lives, the society and the environment;
  • help students develop abilities, skills and attitudes that are integral to the conduct of Science Inquiry; and
  • enable students to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge to become confident citizens in a technological world, recognise the usefulness, and limitations of scientific methods and models, and be suitably prepared for post-secondary science-related courses.

The Science department seeks to equip students with science process skills, and attitudes that are integral to the conduct of science inquiry.

Learning of Science

The Science department seeks to inspire students learn Science through discovery and inquiry. Teachers endeavour to instil a joy of learning and enjoy learning more about Science. ICT-enriched lessons, collaborative lessons and practical lessons are just a few of the various types of lessons planned to allow students to have hands-on experiences. These help to deepen students’ understanding of the various subjects. Learning journeys were also conducted to foster an interest towards the subject.

Science Talent and Research Programme (STaR)

Students with talent and an interest in Science are given the opportunity to come on board the Science Talent and Research (STaR) programme. This programme aims to provide opportunities for exposure through learning journeys and to provide opportunities for students to take part in various competitions. This year, two groups of students from 3E1 participated in the Scientific Inquiry Research Experience 2019 organised by Republic Polytechnic. The students learnt a lot from this experience and had their eyes opened to the Scientific process of research and discovery.