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Physical Education & Music

In attempting to provide a broad exposure and experiences to an array of sports, the Physical Education (PE) department at JVSS provides just that for the students. The students have the opportunity to learn sports, from team sports like basketball, football, touch rugby to net barrier sports like badminton, volleyball and mini-tennis just to name a few. Thus, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to play them recreationally in the long term.

Given four periods of PE per week, the students are able to increase their competency in the various sports and games, as well as experience competitive play in a friendly environment. This year, students are given choices to participate in sports that they are interested in. They are also encouraged to take part in the JVS Olympics, which features the exact same sports that they have been learning culminating in a friendly competitive setting.

Additionally, the department explored the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in enhancing teaching and learning for the Outdoor Education module. These includes incorporating the use of Google forms and Quick Response codes to teach outdoor cooking, navigation, and essential items needed in a backpack. Feedback from the students showed that the use of ICT helped them to pick up outdoor skills in a fun and interesting way. For the coming year, the PE department are looking at ways on how the students may benefit from learning through the SLS.

Dr Mohammad Shah Bin Razak (HOD PE & CCA) Mr Tiew Choon Lien (SH PE & CCA)
Mr Irantaffy Said (HOD ICT & MRL) Mr Lim Zi Qi
Mr Mohd Hafidz Mr Adriel Chia
Mdm Chew Huay Huay Ms Nursheela
 Mr Surendran S/O Rachandran (SPE) 



The Music programme in JVS not only allows students to appreciate music appreciation but also it is also an experiential process where students get to perform in a safe environment. 

Some of the instruments that a JVS student would have learned to play at the end of lower secondary school years would be keyboard, guitar and ukelele. 

This year, the Secondary 1 students explored the Singapore genre with singing module in the first semester. After which, the students learned to play four chords on the ukelele and managed to put up a few series of performances in front of their classmates. Peer and Teachers’ feedback were given after each run so that the groups would improve on their performance. 
For the Secondary 2 students, character education is further emphasized when students work in groups when they go through the keyboard and guitar module. Similarly, they get to play in front of their classmates and learn to gain more confidence as the weeks progressed on. Team work is further enhanced when they handled difficult chords together and played as a group.

One new initiative that the department carried out this year is Open Mic session where students are encouraged to perform in front of their friends in the school canteen. This is a great opportunity for all as they are able to show case their artistic talents in a familiar environment.