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Mother Tongue Languages

The Mother Tongue Languages Department is committed to developing students into active learners and proficient users of their Mother Tongue Languages, and inculcating values in our students.

Our department engages students in learning, and infuse the joy of learning through various ways, such as games and songs.

Our programmes enables our students to understand and develop their unique identity through a deeper appreciation of culture, traditions, literature and history. We provide platforms and opportunities for students to know, experience and connect with the language and culture, such as Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight, drama appreciation, and reading programmes. Students are also given opportunities to take part in competitions at school, zonal and national levels for exposure and to stretch their potential.

For professional development of staff, teachers benefited from the departmental sharing sessions. Our teachers shared with one another what they had learnt from the courses they had attended. They also embarked on partnerships and collaborations to hone their skills.

Syllabus Aims

Strengthen communication skills of students in their respective MTLs, enabling them to

  • understand level-appropriate, age-appropriate authentic audio texts
  • express personal opinions effectively on level-appropriate, age-appropriate topics
  • read and comprehend level-appropriate, age-appropriate texts
  • write a range of narrative, informative and argumentative texts, including texts meant for written interaction

Nurture cultural literacies of students relevant to their respective MTLs, enabling them to

  • develop positive values and attitudes
  • understand and inherit the cultural heritage unique to their respective MTLs
  • demonstrate care and love for their family, community, country and general humanity
  • appreciate the differences between cultures

Enhancing their general cognitive abilities, enabling them to

  • be equipped with critical and inventive thinking skills
  • be effective problem-solvers
  • be self-directed learners competent in extension of learning
  • anchor on ICT to interact with others in learning
  • develop socio-emotional skills and collaborate effectively with others

For specific syllabuses according to MTLs, please refer to the MOE website:

Some of our programmes