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HOD: Mr Andy Lim (HOD / Humanities)
Ms You Kim Choo (SSD)
SH / LH: Ms Samantha Grace (SH / SS)
ST(s): Mdm Tan Swee Guek (ST / HY)
Mrs Yvonne Poh (ST / GY)
Mr Ng Boon Teck (ST / POA)  

The Jurongville Humanities department seeks to develop empathetic students who possess knowledge about the world and are able to appreciate multiple perspectives.  Through the learning of Social Studies, History and Geography, students are developed to be well-informed citizens who are able to analyse issues in a critical manner, nurturing them to becoming citizens who are concerned with various issues on both the national and global scale. 

To achieve these outcomes, we seek to motivate and engage our students to have the love for the Humanities by sharing their point of views on various humanities-related issues, discover the relevance of the Humanities via completion of projects and for students with the talent for Humanities, participation in various competitions to further stretch their potential. 

Out Humanities teachers also place a strong emphasis on professional development among ourselves, constantly sharing our best practices in the area of pedagogy and assessment. This in turn leads to more engaging and effective lessons for our students.

Overall, our students will be able to look forward to even more activities both within and beyond their classrooms in the coming years as we continue to instill in them their love for the Humanities.