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Department Goals

To develop JVnites into critical thinkers, confident and empathetic communicators, and discerning readers with a love for reading.

Critical Thinking: Let’s discuss!

Our department believes that critical thinking starts in the classroom, a safe space where students can engage in rich and lively discussions on interesting issues. To hone critical thinking competencies in our students, the key pedagogies used in the teaching and learning of English Language and Literature are questioning and classroom talk where students are exposed to different perspectives and given opportunities to justify their viewpoints or opinions.

Oral Communication: From storytelling to speeches

Our department also sees the importance of developing JVnites to be confident speakers. Students experience a range of performance tasks and oral enrichment activities each year so that they gradually develop the confidence to present to different audiences. This year, Sec 2 Express and N(A) students went through an oracy programme focusing on public speaking and storytelling respectively. The students learnt to be confident speakers by focusing on presentation skills, techniques to engage an audience, and preparing speeches which justify their stand on a current topic that they have a passion for.

Making time for precious reading

Reading develops the mind. Through our extensive reading programme, we seek to cultivate in JVnites a love for reading. Our department dedicates time every week for students to read, reflect and share what they have read through a variety of activities. Our reading programme is also supported through our collaboration with the National Library Board. Every year, there are book talks and attractive reading resources to entice students to read.

Developing strengths

Students who are strong writers in the English language are identified to take part in a journalism project in Secondary 2 and 3, where they become student reporters and write articles for the school’s e-newsletter. For JVnites who are confident speakers, there are various platforms for them to develop their interest. They are given opportunities to be emcees for the various school events and also school ambassadors who go to the various primary schools for school publicity talks.