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Craft & Technology

The Craft and Technology Department comprises three subjects:
  • Art
  • Design and Technology 
  • Nutrition and Food Science

These subjects offer students a broad-based, holistic education. The students acquire learning experiences and knowledge through exploration, as well as develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, all of which constitute the 21st-century competencies. They are compulsory lower secondary curriculum and are offered as an elective subject for ‘O’ or ‘N’ Level Examination.


The Art programme aims to nurture artistic dispositions, critical thinkers and confident students who are able to appreciate and respond to works of art, create and express themselves through the creative use of materials, techniques, and technology. Learning Art as a discipline will help students better relate themselves to the world around them.

Students will acquire a strong foundation in art and process skills such as observing, reflecting, making connection and innovating through exposure, experimentation and learning experiences beyond school.

This year, we have organised various Learning Journeys for our students in various levels to deepen their learning, maximising their enjoyment and engagement by making learning more meaningful.

Secondary Two Express Artefact ally Speaking Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore
Secondary Two Normal (Academic) Artist’s Talk at Goodman Ceramic Studio
Secondary Three Art Elective students
  • Visit to NAFA Open House 2019
  • Visit to National Gallery Singapore

Design and Technology (D&T)

The D&T curriculum emphasises in educating our students through innovation and the development of cognitive skills and abilities, unique in the field of design to solve real-life problems.

In D&T, students have the opportunity to design and create individual product from various materials like plastic, wood and metal as early as when they are in Secondary One. Students are also introduced to the essential and authentic new technologies and design software used in the working world.

This year, our upper secondary students participated in the Youth Entrepreneurship Skills (YES) programme organised by Designlab Innovation. The programme teaches them skills in software designing, product analysis and research in order to provide good solutions for real-world contexts.

Food and Consumer Education (FCE)

In light of shifting lifestyles and consumer trends, the Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) unit aims to equip students with relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes regarding nutrition and consumerism.

For the first time this year, the NFS unit organised a learning journey for the Secondary One cohort to the Kidney Discovery Centre (KDC), allowing them to discover how the kidneys work and understand the leading causes of kidney failure in Singapore. The learning journey was also part of their project work in which students were tasked to plan and cook a snack that helps to reduce the risk of kidney failure for teenagers.

This year, our upper secondary Food and Nutrition students also participated in the Ignite Skills Challenge, which represents a move by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) towards promoting the relevance of everyday skills. The challenge involved the creation of mocktails, which requires our students to concoct creative mocktails in a professional manner. The participants were greatly enriched by the experience, through which they were able to hone their skills and stretch themselves to their fullest potential. The NFS unit is proud to announce that our team made it to the final round of the competition (comprising the top ten teams in Singapore).