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Teacher ICs:
  1. Mrs Chan Lay Yean
  2. Mr Mohamed Izwan Bin Abdul Manan
  3. Mr Muhammad Arshad Bin Jumah
  4. Mdm Crystal Cheng


JVS offers badminton CCA to competitive players.

Our Badminton training programme aims to inculcate in our players the school PRIDE values and to develop their passion, sportsmanship and excellence in the sport.

Training sessions for the school team are held on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. The rigorous training sessions will prepare the team well to take part in the West Zone Competitions. Our players also help to coach and spar with the recreational players on these days. This is a good platform for them to hone their leadership and organisation skills. Our players also attended an annual camp to foster stronger bonds among the players and to learn new skills. 

CCA Photo

11.2.1 Badminton 200919.jpg

Student Leaders

Name Appointment Class
Parry Lee Bing En B-Division Captain 4B
Xavier Chew Li Gang B-Division Vice Captain 4C
Ong Yu Hang C-Division Captain 2E2
Damien Ong Ping C-Division Vice Captain 2E3

Key Achievements

Participated in the West Zone Badminton Competitions 

Training Schedule

Tuedays- 2.30- 4.30pm
Fridays-  2.00-4.00pm