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Infocomm Club

Teacher ICs:
  1. Mr Tan Chong Chay 
  2. Mr Stanley Tan
  3. Mdm Sri Masayu
  4. Mr Sha Bin
  5. Mdm Shafiqah Mezan


With school merger (Jurongville and Hongkah) took place in 2019 the new Infocomm club, combining the students and teachers of both school has been significantly strengthened and expanded. The Infocomm Club aims to provide quality service to the school in three main areas: AV media (PA), photography, and video production. Members are equipped with the technical knowledge to operate AV equipment and cameras, so as to provide support for and coverage of school events. Additionally, they are taught photo- and video-editing skills for media production, and often work with external partners to enhance their learning experience. Also, with the support of IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) Infocomm has embarked on a new expedition in the field of coding, students are now learning how to code and program so as to equip themselves with the skill to cope with the new digital economy that is set to dominate future economy.

To develop leadership qualities like responsibility and diligence, the executive committee members are empowered to plan training programmes and organise activities, ranging from the weekly assembles to the Farewell Ceremony. This year, the Infocomm Club participated in the “our school, our story photographer award, the Canon photo marathon and the Twenty-Four Motion Picture Competition.

CCA Photo

11.4.1 Infocomm 190919.jpg

Student Leaders

Name Appointment Class
Jacelyn heng Public announcement head 3E1
Loy Jia Yi Public announcement head 3E4
Nur diyana Photography head 3E4
Val chua xin en Photography head 3E3
Hark soe naung
Video head 3E1
Tsui chi chwin Video head 3E3

Key Achievements

2017 -2018
--- SDMA merit award (2017)


Training Schedule

Every Tuesday 3-6 pm