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Student Council

The Student Council in JVS offers students an opportunity to lead and serve the school.  They are empowered to plan and organize student-led and student-initiated events for the student body.  They also are the ambassadors of the school for foreign visitors from Indonesia, China and Korea. 

Student Councillors are involved in leadership training programs to equip them with the knowledge and skills to lead and serve.  They also have the opportunity to interact and share ideas with young leaders from other schools.  Examples are the Local and Overseas Outward Bound, Student Leaders’ Conference, National Young Leaders’ Day and other leadership conferences.  

Student Councillors are responsible for a wide variety of student-led activities like the Secondary One Orientation program and Graduation Nite which help to enhance the students’ sense of belonging to the school as well as improve the welfare of the student body.SC.jpg 
Presenting the Student Council of JVS

Sec One Orientation:  Beginning of a new friendship.

                                                                                    National Young Leaders' Day 2015