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Character Education

Achieving character excellence through student-centric, values-driven education

Character is the core of education in Jurongville Secondary School (JVS) in terms of philosophy, rationale and approach. It is integrated throughout the curriculum rather than a supplemental component.
Education in JVS revolves around the development of character our students. It lays the foundation for learning to take place.
The school believes that character is the first and foremost element that will prepare our students to be world ready.

Character and Citizenship Education Framework
CCE FW.gif

Our JVS CCE framework focuses on nurturing our students to be confident persons, caring leaders and concerned citizens, empowered to lead and serve. This is done by imbuing in our students, the school values - P.R.I.D.E, and equipping them with social emotional (SE) competencies through the 3 engines of Character Education, Leadership Education and Citizenship Education which adopts the approach Learn, Achieve and Contribute. The framework is guided by the 5Ps (Purpose, Pupil, ExPerience, Professional Development and Partnerships) of CCE. 

Culture of CARE

The school places an emphasis on personal development and strong ties between teachers and students. Besides interactions during lessons and CCAs, another initiative that helps teachers and students to understand each other better is the daily Teacher-Student Interaction (TSI) session which allows teachers to gain insights into the minds of their students and understand their concerns. The interaction is documented online for ease of accessibility to promote continuity and tighter follow-up throughout the years that a student stays in Jurongville.

On top of this, the school makes time for a "Breakfast with Class Mentors" time which takes place once every Semester to promote bonding through social interaction. The principal also organises regular dialogue sessions with students and parents as another platform to be heard.

Circle Time has also become part of the formal curriculum in Jurongville, where teaching and learning may take place in a circular setting to maximise student participation. This is a strategy that the school adopts to create a safe, trusting and 'non-blaming' environment where students learn to accept differences while embracing what they have in common. These sessions help students to better understand themselves and their classmates as well as recognise and handle their emotional states in a healthy way.    

Helping students learn values through a safe and trusting environment in Circle Time

Building rapport through TSI

Beyond Self

All students are given an opportunity to plan their service learning project as a class in Jurongville!

In Jurongville, students are empowered and enabled to lead and serve as exemplify by its school motto "Beyond Self". The school advocates that an education is not only about academic achievements, it is also about character building, leadership and service to the community. Hence, everyone is encouraged to initiate, organise and lead in community projects.

The school curriculum comprises a two-year Service Learning (SL) programme for upper secondary students to broaden their understanding of the needs and aspirations of the community through authentic experiences. Organisations that the students have chosen to work with include Eden School, ASPN- Chaoyang School, SUN-DAC, Student care Centres, Keeping Hope Alive. In the SL process, students get to choose their area of interest, prepare proposals, collaborate with one another, and networks with external organisations.

On top of this, the school has been sending students overseas to do service learning projects since 2011. This includes the Overseas Service Learning (OSL) Programme for the secondary three students to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  This year, instead of Cambodia, the school starts to send its students to Chiang Mai, Thailand. The students taught the primary school children English, Mathematics and Science. They were also involved in building projects such as painting and gardening. Students came back with clearer notions on service where they realised that simple acts like listening and talking with the locals are as important, if not, more important than the physical end product of their service. They learnt the values of simple living and that happiness is not dependable on material gains.

Students painting the school block in Cambodia


Conducting lessons for children in Chiang Mai, Thailand
JVSS-CCE-Conducting lessons, Thailand.jpg

"I've learnt that we don't necessary need the trending stuff to give you happiness. Being around with good people gives you rare happiness." - Student Nur Radiyah

"I've learnt from the children there, to be more appreciative of what you have......The children taught me to see the better sides of things, they do not have the best conditions to live in but they remained super cheerful and hyped throughout our stay and was always happy to see us."  -Student Lorwin Jan Tay


At the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Conference


Teachers listening attentively during CCE training.


Work experience in a hotel for students.

Students during their work attachment.

Learning journey to polytechnic.

Keeping the canteen clean.

Cleaning up the school compound.

A display of values in action!