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Applied Learning Programme 

Preparing Students for a SMART Nation and World


Imagine everyday living eased in by technology. You live in smart homes with automated processes. It becomes a norm in the world for drones to navigate between places and deliver parcels. A smart nation and world are no longer dreams, but reality in the near future. We can and should seize opportunities to thrive in the future.

Jurongville Secondary School prides itself in offering STEM Applied Learning Programme, "Real-World Learning Through Electronics". All students receive opportunities to learn electronics and apply their learning in real-world settings.

Secondary One students design electronic games during Secondary One Project Work classes. Some of these games include pinballs and tic-tac-toe. Secondary Two students get to come up with their very own assistive technologies to help the community. The prototypes include toys, walking sticks and LED shoes.

Upper Secondary students have the opportunity to specialise in programmes that suit their strengths and interests. These include taking up the O-level Applied Subject, "Electronics", ITE Applied Subject, "Smart Electrical Technology" or applying for a short-term Advanced Elective Module on electronics offered by one of the ploytechnics.

Students with keen interest in electronics also represent the school in national STEM-related competitions.


Students would experience a four/five-year programme with level-specific themes.

Are you game for these opportunities? Join us and be fascinated by the beauty and potential of electronics!

Quote from Student:
" I have received numerous opportunities that provide me a strong foundation in electronics. This prepares me well in my aspirations as I am interested in becoming an app developer in future." - Hans Delano, 16


To apply for Sec 1 Admission in 2018 by  DSA through this programme,  Click here