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Syllabus Aims

  • Acquire mathematical concepts and skills for continuous learning in Mathematics and to support learning in other subjects;
  • Develop communication, thinking, reasoning, application and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving;
  • Connect ideas within mathematics and between mathematics and other subjects and real life through application of mathematics;Build confidence and foster interest in mathematics
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Geometry and Trigonometry
Mathematical Processes

O and N(A) Maths Syllabus Organisation
Number and Algebra
Geometry and Measurement
Statistics & Probability
Mathematical Processes

N(T) Maths Syllabus Organisation
Number and Algebra
Geometry and Measurement
Statistics & Probability
Real-world contexts
Mathematical Processes

As the educational landscape shifts towards equipping students with future-ready skills, the Jurongville Mathematics department embraces the R3EAL curriculum by infusing real, relevant, rigorous, experiential, and authentic learning into everyday lessons.  Proficiency in Mathematics will support the students’ learning of other subjects. Thus, through various strategies and programmes, the department hopes to build confidence and foster interest in the students, teaching them to appreciate the value of the subject.

Every JVS student would begin their Math journey experiencing the use of Math in an authentic setting during the annual Mathematics Trail around the school.  The Secondary 1 Maths teachers would design a series of mathematical tasks around the school campus, giving students the chance to apply their skills and knowledge in practical situations. They also got to bond with their classmates and familiarise themselves with the new school environment.

In terms of developing students’ higher-order thinking skills and promote a passion for learning, the department encourages students to participate in various national and international maths competitions. The Secondary 1 Express students participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition, while the Secondary 2 Express students took part in the Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest. The Secondary 3 Express students joined the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad, the Secondary 4 Express students were involved in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Maths Challenge, and the Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) students participated in the All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course. Not only did they enjoy these learning opportunities, they also did the school proud with their commendable results. 

Solving a mystery using a mathematics concept. Learning Mathematics can indeed be exciting!

Using a clinometer, students are able to estimate the height of an object.

Students working collaboratively to solve Mathematics problems:Photo-3a.jpg

Syafi (2N1): "I wonder how many cones are needed to fill this cylinder to the brim!"

Exploring Math concept using ICT:Photo-5a.jpg

Syakirah (1N2): "How do I measure the circumference of this table?"



Sec 1 students collecting and analysing data during the Math trail.

Goh Heng Yi (1B) wondering what the volume of the water basin is.

Collaboration - one of the 21st CC skills being emphasised during the trail.