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Information Communication and Technology

The department believes in helping every child find joy in learning by leveraging on technology. 
To develop the capacity of our teachers to plan and deliver ICT-enriched learning experiences for students to become self-directed and collaborative learners, the department regularly organises ICT-related professional development activities for teachers. The department spearheads the use of current and new technological tools as well as collaborating with MOE divisions in piloting the use of new ICT tools and strategies.

This year the school embarks on the Student Learning Space (SLS) pilot trial for our Lower Secondary Science students. On the SLS, students are able to explore the subject contents, work collaboratively with each other, learning at the own pace and assess their own progress of learning. 

Some teachers have brought virtual reality (VR) into their classrooms to engage their students. The immersive nature of VR brings authentic learning environment by engaging the students' senses and allow exploration that would be difficult to duplicate otherwise within the confines of a classroom. 
While the road to using technology for learning and teaching is not always a smooth one, it is a fulfilling journey of reflection and collaboration among teachers with the ultimate aim of nurturing future-ready learners.

Teachers learning from each other during  professional sharing

Students engaging in self-directed and collaborative learning using ICT during their D&T lessons.  

Students explore and learn collaboratively on the SLS 

Collaborative learning during FCE lesson

Immersive learning during EL lesson

Classrooms transformed through Virtual Reality!

Students experience joy in learning beyond textbooks via Virtual Reality (VR) resources during lessons for subjects like Science, English and Art. 


"It promotes curiosity and wonder in children, by making objects such as ocean, space, human body, history come alive!" 
-Teacher Wee Ming Hann