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It is the goal of the English department to develop all students into critical thinkers, confident and empathetic communicators, and discerning readers.

'Why do you say that?'

'What do you think about what your classmate has just said?'

'How does this connect with what we talked about earlier?'

These are questions that are constantly heard in the classrooms to give students the opportunity to effectively communicate subject knowledge and talk about their perspectives and reasoning, in order to come to a meaningful conclusion. This helps to make the classroom a more vibrant setting where learning takes place through active discussions. With this concerted effort to increase student talk in classrooms, we can nurture our students to be critical thinkers, and confident and empathetic communicators.

At the school level, students who are highly competent in the English language are identified to take part in a journalism project in Secondary 2, wherein they contribute to a newsletter targeted at primary school students. To develop students into effective communicators, the department provides them with various platforms for them to hone their skills, such as the National Public Speaking Competition. They also have the opportunity to translate what they have learnt for use in authentic settings: some serve as emcees at school or grassroots events, while others are school ambassadors who visit selected primary schools for promotional talks and JVS Open House. 

To ensure that students see the relevance of their learning to their everyday lives, authentic projects are designed for them to put what they have learnt into practice. For example, the Secondary 1 students embark on a project called ‘Sports Speaks’, where they go on a learning journey to the Sports Museum to understand the history of sports in Singapore, as well as the values that professional sportspeople exhibit. The Secondary 3 students create travel articles and videos on Google Sites with the realistic aim of encouraging the audience to go to these recommended travel destinations. Therefore, our students get an opportunity to put together coherent and authentic final products that can be used in the real world. 

Additionally, in Jurongville, we believe that reading is integral to learning. Jurongville’s partners the National Library Board (NLB) and NIE to better support our students in their reading journey.  A professional learning team is constantly looking into how we can be more student-centric to encourage our students to read.  One strategy which has worked is giving students the autonomy to choose the book that they would like to read. This is supplemented by post reading activities that also focus on engaging students to share the book that they have read with others. This is a good start to the collaborative reading culture that we would like to imbue in JVS.  

Competition Entry for the National Youth Media Competition 2018 - "Our Rights" newsletter.

Our students captivated by Mr Canagasabai Kunalan during a visit to the Singapore Sports Museum

Trying their hand at cycling

Posing with Mr Kunalan

Our confident student presenters manning an exhibition booth as they promoted Jurongville as a choice school

Our budding Secondary 2 journalists

Students given opportunities to clarify their learning with their classmates


Student leaders presenting on school vision, mission and values at school assembly


Students presenting their views on how they can improve the school


Student emcees and awardees, Grassroot Advisor Mr Ang Wei Neng at Jurong Central MOE Edusave Awards Ceremony