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The Music programme does not only allow students to appreciate music appreciation but also understand its social-cultural context. Some of the instruments that a JVS student would have learned to play at the end of lower secondary would be the Guzheng, Angklung and also the keyboard. Some famous tunes that students learn how to play are ‘Chrysanthemum Terrace’ by Jay Chou and ‘Di Tanjong Katong’.  

This year, the Secondary 1 students experimented with ‘Fusion’ music where they had to come up with a music arrangement with the Guzheng as the main instrument. Class mentors and subject teachers were invited into the dance studio and students performed in front of them after many rounds of dry runs with the music teachers. Peer feedback was given after each run so that the groups would improve on their performance. 
For the Secondary 2 students, there is a greater focus on character education as students have to form Garageband groups using the Ipads. Students had to respect and collaborate with each other as they articulate their lyrical ideas to each other. Also, team work is further enhanced when the pair played chords and melody line together on the keyboard. 
One new initiative that the department carried out this year is the mini keyboard performance for the Secondary 2 students in the AVA. The students progressed from having their teachers and peers as their audience to one where their friends from other classes would watch their performance. This was also the first time, the students’ art works were featured while the performance was going on.  It was nerve wrecking for some of them but eventually, they played with confidence and it ended on a high note. 


Acquisition of musical skills in various instruments:

o    Learning of Guzheng and Angklung (Secondary One)

o    Learning of the keyboard and  Digital music via Garageband (Secondary Two) 

Creation and performance of music using the above-mentioned instruments

o    Composition of 8 bar melody for Guzheng (Secondary One)

o    Performing cover Pop music from selected music using Keyboard on simple chord progression(Secondary Two)

Appreciation of Music in Local and Global Cultures

o    Learning of Chinese and Malay cultures through Guzheng and Angklung,

o    Performances of cover Pop music using the Keyboard

o    Formation of mini bands using Garageband ipad

       Checking out our keyboard set up for our Secondary 2 Lessons!


       Figuring out the guitar chaords we need to have so that we can have the
right melody to sing along with.


       What's a melody without some awesome drum beats to go along with?


      Learning Angklung as a class


      Learning Guzheng and rearranging our choice songs.


          Performing our best piece for our friends and teachers in the AVA Room.

        Giving their best in a singing performance.