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The Art programme aims to develop critical thinkers and confident students who are able to respond articulately to works of art, and express themselves through the creative use of materials, techniques, and technologies. To achieve this, the department adopts a progressive approach to teaching the subject. Students’ visual literacy skills are enhanced through guided questioning, and they learn to perceive and respond to images and analyse visual information.  The Art unit also collaborates with other departments on projects that allow students to apply what they have learnt in authentic settings. Students with especial talent are given exposure to external art competitions and events, which stretch and challenge them.

The Sculpture Walk is an annual learning journey designed by the unit. It provides students with an enhanced learning experience to deepen their interest and curiosity, and apply knowledge and skills learnt in class. This NE-infused experiential learning experience also promotes a deeper appreciation for public sculptures. Inspiring learning in new ways, our Sculpture Walk adopts a customised mobile application in bite-sized learning coupled with quizzes, drawing and photography activities.

Posing with the sculptures!

.Learning is fun and engaging with our interactive mobile application!

The Secondary 2 students made artworks out of recycled materials


A poster created for the 2017 Design for Good Youth competition.

A poster created for the 2017 Design for Good Youth competition.

A poster created for the 2017 Design for Good Youth competition.

Deeply engaged in watercolouring painting.

"Visiting" Spain to see Salvador Dali's artwork! 'Dreams of Dali'- Virtual Reality (VR) lesson.