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Financial Assistance Scheme

The following financial assistance scheme is available to needy Singaporean students. 

1. Financial Assistance by Ministry of Education (MOE FAS)

Income Criteria 
Gross Household Income (GHI) not exceeding $2,500 per month ; or                                     
Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $625 per month




Gross Household Income


  • Gross income of all family members staying in the same household
  • Gross income of family members who contribute to the income of the household
  • Includes regular overtime pay and allowances
  • Includes rental income, pension, alimony and income from other sources such as investments
  • Includes employee’s CPF contribution

  • National Service allowance  
  • Compensation payment
  • Insurance payment
  • Ad-hoc allowance or overtime pay

Per Capita Income


When computing the number of household members for PCI, the following are to be included:

  • Parents
  • Unmarried siblings living in the same household
  • Grandparents living in the same household

Other dependents living in the same household may be considered for inclusion on a case-by-case basis.

  • Great grandparents
  • Relatives who are old or sick and are unemployed and dependent on family
  • Child dependent (e.g. nephew whose parents cannot be located and the family is the legal guardian of the child)


Types of benefits received by eligible students:
      • Full waiver of school fee
      • Full waiver of standard miscellaneous fee
      • Free textbooks * 
      • Free school attire **
      • Subsidised daily school meal at our school canteen 

To qualify for financial assistance, the student must be a Singapore Citizen and satisfies one of the following criteria:
a) From a family in receipt of public assistance from MSF.
b) Residing in recognized welfare homes or organizations
c) Household income satisfies criteria given above.

2. Financial Assistance by the School Advisory Committee (SAC FAS)

Applicants whose family income is not within the MOE FAS’s income criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis for SAC FAS. Benefits may include one or more of the following : 

Types of benefits that may be received by eligible students:
      • Subsidised daily school meal at our school canteen 
      • Complimentary textbooks*
      • Complimentary school attire**


Application for new MOE FAS is open throughout the year. Students can obtain the financial assistance application forms from the General Office. 

To renew the financial assistance for the next calendar year, students will have to submit new application form and supporting documents to the General Office. Students are encouraged to submit their MOE FAS applications by the first week of November so that the applications can be processed early and successful applicants, with a school letter, can claim their school attire** and textbooks* at the bookshop before the beginning of the year. The School will not reimburse the parents or the successful applicants if they had paid for the school attire** or textbooks*. 

Documents Required for Submission from Applicants:

a. MOE Financial Assistance Form, duly completed and signed by Parent / Guardian. #

b. Applicants are to produce the following documents for certifying purposes:
      • Latest Payslip(s) / Letter from Employers of ALL working family members.
      • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment for Self-employed family members. Family members who are not required to pay tax or submit Income Tax Return will be required to complete a self-declaration form.
      • Household members who are unemployed and below age 62 years and are not undertaking full-time studies or in full-time National Service are to complete a self-declaration form. 
      • Copies of NRICs or other legal document of other household members (other than parents and unmarried siblings) when PCI is used compute the eligibility.
      • Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate, Maintenance Order (if any) 
      • Official Registration Pass for Social Welfare Aid (if any)
      • Any other documents as and when required by the school for the purpose of verifying the income. 

c. For students who have no parents and are staying with a legal guardian, the Gross Household Income of the legal guardian shall be submitted and would be assessed. 

d. If the income earner is on no-pay leave for 6 months or less, he/she is not unemployed. His/her for the monthly incomes in months when he/she was not on no- pay leave shall be assessed.

*Free textbooks include workbooks, writing materials, and art and craft materials and stationery items shown in the approved school booklist (except optional items) and a calculator for Secondary 1 students.

**Free school attire on a need basis. An FAS recipient is eligible for up to 2 sets of uniform, 2 sets of PE 
attire, a pair of shoes and 2 pairs of socks in each academic year.