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Principal's Message

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Emerging Better and Stronger in 2021

Our school begins our 28th year in 2021 with a sense of satisfaction and anticipation. At the end of 2020, we successfully helped our merger cohorts to graduate after the merger of two schools in 2019. From this year onwards, almost every student would have been with Jurongville from Secondary 1. In addition, we are confident that as a school we have emerged better and stronger after 2 years of merger. Our staff are cohesive and work well together as one team, ready to take on the challenge of helping our students meet their immediate and longer-term learning needs. Our community also has faith in our school: this year, we welcome 7 more classes of Sec 1 students, the vast majority of whom have chosen us as their preferred school after receiving their PSLE results.

In preparation for Full Subject-Based Banding in a couple of years’ time, when we will make no more reference to Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) courses, we have also changed the names of our classes this year. All our classes will be named after our school vision and school values. Thus, at each level, the new class names are: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Empathy, Passion and Resilience. The teachers all hope that our students will live up to the names of their classes in 2021!

The coronavirus that “crash landed” on the world in 2020 will continue to play a large part in our lives for a long time to come. Many lives and livelihoods were badly affected, and further digitalisation of various aspects of our lives will continue even after the pandemic has come to an end finally. To prepare our JV-nites for this technologically-driven future, our school will be embarking on the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) this year. Driven and supported by MOE at the national level, our students will be getting a digital learning device, in the form of a personal laptop, from Term 2 onwards. These devices will be meaningfully integrated into their daily learning with the guidance and facilitation of teachers. The provision of devices for each student opens up new possibilities for more active learning, and the acquisition of digital literacies needed for work and life in the coming years and decades.

Notwithstanding the changes brought about by the coronavirus, some things will remain unchanged. For us as a school, the character and well-being of our students are most important to us, and these will also underpin their accomplishments in school and beyond. We will continue our Discipline with Care approaches, guided by our belief that personal discipline is the key to our students’ success. The challenges our students face may have been compounded by the coronavirus. Their families could have been adversely affected financially, and these could in turn affect our students’ readiness for school. As a supportive and nurturing school community, we are ready to offer whatever help we could muster to enable all our students to attend school and to continue their learning.

For visitors who want to know more about our school through this website, I welcome your interest, queries and feedback. If you would like to offer your partnership in areas that are key to our students’ holistic development, our school is open to possibilities. Please email the school (jurongville@moe.edu.sg) and we will respond as soon as we can.

Let’s all look forward to a year full of good health and joyful learning in 2021!

Chan Yew Wooi