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Principal's Message

Principal’s Foreword

Together As One

In 2019, Jurongville Secondary School starts a new chapter in its school history with the merger of both Jurongville Secondary and Hong Kah Secondary. I have likened the merger as the making of one of our favourite breakfast food, kaya toast --- each good and delicious on its own, and when the two slices come together, the combination is even better! 

To mark this new beginning, we have a new school crest, school uniform and PE attire this year. With the merger, we also have new school resources, including an air-conditioned school hall. Even more importantly, our school will have many new teaching and administrative staff, all set to do our best to achieve the objective of merger --- the provision of quality holistic learning experiences for our students, so that they will go on to do good and do well in life. 

In our upper secondary classes, we have a good mix of students from both schools. I hope that our students will value this opportunity to make new friends, and actively extend the hand of friendship to each other. Beyond the classrooms, there will also be many other opportunities to work closely with each other through CCAs and student leadership. When the upper secondary students come together as one, they will provide quality leadership and be excellent examples to the lower secondary students. 

For our staff, coming together as one will require us to invest in building relationship of trust; be open to new possibilities; have the spirit of give-and-take; and to skilfully communicate with each other. When we are cohesive, we will experience greater support from colleagues and even greater professional engagement at work. A lot of research also shows a causal relationship between strong staff collaboration and the quality of student learning outcomes. 

Beyond our students and staff, we also see the coming together of our important partners from both schools. These include the School Advisory Committee, the Parent Support Group and the Alumni. The school is fortunate to have strong support from stakeholders from both schools over the last 25 years. As we embark on our 26th year in 2019, I look forward to continual strong support from our important school stakeholders. 

Last, but not least, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Mdm Flora Ong, the immediate past Principal of Jurongville Secondary; Mdm Sung Mee Har, Principal of Hong Kah Secondary; and all colleagues of both schools, for laying strong foundations for the many good things that will surely come in 2019 and beyond. 

In this positive vein, may I wish all our students, staff and stakeholders a meaningful and joyful 2019. Let us work towards our goals,Together as One! 

Chan Yew Wooi