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Sec 1 Registration

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Welcome to Jurongville Secondary School!

Our school is happy and excited to know that you are joining us in 2021. We are confident that you will make new friends, know your new teachers better, and find your “second home” in Jurongville very soon --- just like all our other JVnites!
In accordance with Safe Management Measures, students and parents need not visit our school on 23 December after receiving their posting results on 22 December.

New students posted to Jurongville should register online through Parents Gateway on 23 December by 12 noon. Please also refer to the school website for other relevant information for new Sec 1 students.

Useful links
Parents Gateway (PG)
Secondary 1 Registration and Communication with Parents will be done via PG.
Information on downloading and installing of Parents Gateway
Information on Appeal for Transfer
Information from MOE Website
Appeals due to medical reasons
  • Please approach the posted school in person between 8.30 am to 12 noon on 23 December 2020.
For all other appeals, please submit online by 12 noon on 28 December 2020.
MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)
Form is available on MOE’s website
You may submit the completed form to the General Office from 23 December onwards during office hours.
Transition to secondary school
Information from MOE Website
Secondary 1 (S1): Receive school posting results
Information from MOE Website

Principal's Address

Dear 2021 Sec 1 Students,

On behalf of all students and staff of Jurongville, I would like to welcome you to our school community. We are happy and excited to receive you as our newest students in 2021, our 28th year as a school in the Jurong community.

In January, when you join us, you will find a school with a refreshed look and new resources for students. In your classrooms, for instance, there are newly-installed lockers for students, and each student will be assigned a locker. In March or April next year, when your Personal Digital Learning Device is here, you will be able to store them safely in your locker when you do not need to use them for lessons.

What will be even more exciting is meeting and making new friends in your class and in your CCA. You will also meet new teachers, who will be different from those you are used to in your primary school. It will be an exciting few months ahead, adapting to your new life as a secondary school student!

From 23 December onwards, you and your parents will be busy trying to get the new books and new uniforms for the new school year. Time will be given for you to get everything ready in the first week of 2021, if for some reasons it is not possible to get everything by the end of this year. Students who are eligible for MOE Financial Assistance can apply for it. When approved, these books and uniforms will be provided to you.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you more about our school during the Orientation on 4th and 5th January 2021.

Happy New Year!

Chan Yew Wooi

Welcome Video from Student Council

Welcome to Jurongville Secondary School!

Students posted to Jurongville Secondary School will need to register online on 23 December 2020 by 12 noon.

Registration Form (Parents Gateway)
Please register through Parents Gateway (PG) by 12 noon on 23 December 2020.
Please complete the online form via the link provided in Parents Gateway (PG).
Parents Gateway App
Parent Gateway.png
Purchase of Uniform and Books
Students are to purchase textbooks and school uniforms on site on the scheduled dates as stated on the website.
Click here
Students eligible for Subject-Based Banding (SBB) subjects
Students who are eligible for SBB subjects will be informed through Parents Gateway (PG).
Acceptance of the offer will be done via Parents Gateway (PG) by 12 noon on 28 December 2020.
Parents Gateway App
Parent Gateway.png
Higher Mother Tongue (HMT)/Third Language Eligibility Outcome
Students who are eligible for HMT/Third Language will be informed through Parents Gateway (PG).
Parents Gateway App
Parent Gateway.png
Reporting for First Day of School
  • The school year begins on 4 January 2021 (Monday). 
  • Students will report to school in PE Shirt and Green shorts/skirt by 7.40 am in their respective classrooms. In the event that the uniform is not available, you may report in your primary school PE attire. 
  • Location of classrooms
Location Class
Classroom Block, Level 1
1 Passion, 1 Resilience
Classroom Block, Level 3
1 Empathy, 1 Discipline, 1 Integrity. 1 Respect, 1 Perseverance

Secondary 1 Orientation (4 and 5 January 2021)
Progressing on to secondary school is a major transition for all students. To help the Secondary 1 students adapt more quickly to our school, the Student Councillors have organised an Orientation Programme from 4 to 5 January 2021, Monday to Tuesday. The Orientation Programme will allow the students to make new friends, interact with their Class Mentors (form teachers) and understand what is expected of them as JVnites. In view of the Safe Management Measures, all Orientation activities will be conducted with the safety of students and teachers in mind, while at the same time, optimising student interaction and engagement.
Dates Reporting Time Dismissal Time Attire
4 Jan 2021 (Mon) 7.40 am 2.30 pm PE T-shirt, Green shorts/skirt
5 Jan 2021 (Tues) 7.40 am 2.30 pm Orientation T-shirt, Green shorts/skirt

In the event that the uniform is not available, you may report in your primary school PE attire

JVS CCA Engagement Programme (6, 8, and 12 January 2021)
Co-Curricular Activities in secondary school provides students with experiences to develop CCA-specific skills, relationship building and leadership competencies, through sustained participation in the four/ five years in Jurongville Secondary School.

Our Secondary 1 students will explore and experience the visual performing arts on 6 January during school hours and the other CCA on 8 and 12 January from 3 pm to 6 pm. Your child/ ward will then be asked to indicate his/her 5 CCA choices on 15 January 2021. Students will be informed of the CCA they have been allocated by 25 January 2021. CCA programme will then begin from 26 January 2021 onwards.

General discipline/school routine matters
Discipline is one of our school values. Our school believes that when our students learn to be more disciplined, they think and act in more responsible and considerate ways. To influence the students’ character development through discipline, we believe in the need to discipline with care. 
More information can be found at the link below: 
Counselling and Other Support for Students

School Safety

ICT Matters for Students And Parents
  • Student Email
Students will be provided with a school email address (@jvs.edu.sg) and access to the JVS G suite.  The JVS G Suite is a suite of web based tools that supports the learning objectives of JVnites. This increases the opportunities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.
As part of the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP), all Sec 1 students will own a Personal Learning Device (PLD). Jurongville Secondary School will leverage this opportunity to enhance the learning experiences of our students. Through the meaningful use of technology, we hope that our students will
  • Learn More Actively, 
  • Think More Deeply, and
  • Experience More Joy and Success in school. 
To reduce out-of-pocket cash from students, Singapore citizen students can use their Edusave account to pay for the PLD. For students on financial assistance, further subsidies will be provided. The purchase of the device will be done through the school. More information will be provided in 2021.

Secondary-Level Student Smart Card (SSC)
The new Secondary-Level SSC will be issued at a later date. While Secondary One students are waiting for their Secondary-level SSCs to be ready, they can continue to use their Primary-level SSCs for concessionary travel till end-April 2021. Students can still purchase the Bus Concession Pass (BCP) using their Primary-level SSCs. However, students would need to purchase the BCP for Secondary School students.

Parents Gateway (PG) Mobile App
Parents Gateway is a mobile application (or “app”) that connects parents and schools on key administrative matters, providing schools with the platform to send updates on programmes and activities to parents. At the same time, Parents Gateway allows parents to perform administrative functions such as providing consent for their children to participate in school activities and declaring travel plans. It aims to aggregate parent-teacher communications securely on a centralised digital platform. Access to Parents Gateway is granted to parents, legal guardians and authorised caregivers of students studying in MOE schools in Singapore. Parents will need to use SingPass to access Parents Gateway.
To download the Parents Gateway mobile app:
iOS Android
QR Code - To download PG (iOS).png
QR Code - To download PG (Andriod).png

Parents/Guardians who were on board Parents Gateway when your child/ward was in primary school need not download the Parents Gateway mobile app again when your child/ward progresses on to secondary school. 
More information can be found on https://pg.moe.edu.sg

Financial Assistance Schemes