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NEU PC Plus Programme

The NEU PC Plus Programme offers Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident full time student or person with disabilities from low-income households the opportunity to own a brand new computer at an affordable price. Past recipients of NEU PC Plus Programme may reapply only after three years from the last deployment to the household.

Enhancements for Covid-19 period

Reference Document: “Neu PC Plus - Faster access to digital technology for low-income families”
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IMDA has recently enhanced the NEU PC Plus programme to further support home-based learning (HBL) during the Covid-19 period. These enhancements include:
  • upward revision to the income criteria for eligibility:
PC-Bundle Scheme with % copayment PC-Bundle Scheme with iNSPIRE Fund
Monthly Household Income ≤ $3,400 or
Per Capita Income ≤ $900 (or ≤ $1,125 if there is
a permanently disabled family member)
Monthly Household Income ≤$2,500 or
Per Capita Income ≤$700

  • streamlining the application and provisioning process:

    1. Completeness of Application Form:
To expedite the processing of the application, please check for completion of records in the form, such as (i) contact numbers are provided, (ii) PC type is selected, (iii) all relevant documents are attached, (iv) signatures of parents are in place. Missing information and documents will delay the processing of the application.
    1. Submission of Application Form:
To speed up the submission of application forms, please return the completed application to the General Office for our follow-up. It is not recommended to mail the hardcopy application forms and supporting documents to the Lead Agencies during this period of time, as many officers are working from home and they may not have access to the physical mail box so readily.

  • giving more options for households:
    • fibre broadband at no charge (please note that the scheduling of installation may take longer);
    • unlimited mobile broadband at no charge (only available during COVID-19 period);
    • option for broadband-only for students supported by MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) or existing beneficiaries of NEU PC Plus who have co-paid for the PC-only previously;
    • option for a subsidised second PC for eligible households with three or more school-going children; and
    • waiver of community service and copayment requirements for MOE FAS students through the iNSPIRE Fund.

Note: For students who wish to obtain internet access quickly, they should consider choosing the Mobile Broadband Plan instead of the Fibre Broadband Plan as the scheduling of installation may take longer.


If you are interested to apply, the revised application forms may be downloaded here or from IMDA website https://www.imda.gov.sg/programme-listing/neu-pc-plus.

For non MOE-FAS and non SPED-FAS students, please use:

For MOE-FAS and SPED-FAS students, please use “Application Form for MOE-SPED FAS v5.1”
Application Form.png


For other enquiries, please call the School at 65638704 or IMDA at 6684 8858.