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English Language & Literature

As ardent advocates of engaging English language learners, the English Language & Literature Department aims to develop students who are confident and empathetic communicators, discerning readers with a love for reading and creative inquirers. 

Recognising the importance of cultivating articulate communicators, our department introduced PVLEGS as a school-wide model for developing oracy skills.  We also nurture class EL Champions who are given various platforms to speak, such as leading the class in speaking activities. During the Secondary 1 Lit Alive! Programme, students collaborate to bring their favourite scenes from drama texts to life as actors and actresses, while learning about perspective-taking and having plenty of fun too! When our students are in Secondary 2, they attend a writing workshop conducted by our ELL Department teachers. We also identify and nurture students with an interest or flair for writing to assume roles as student reporters. At Secondary 3, our students engage in lively debates on current issues, honing their persuasion and critical thinking skills.

JVnites are encouraged to be avid readers through our structured reading programme which comprises weekly reading & speaking lessons, subscription of newspapers and magazines, as well as curated reading articles. 

To immerse our students in rich learning and promote a love for English Language and Literature, we also organised the ELL Week where students were engaged in many enriching and exciting activities, such as Fantasy Adventure, Dramatisation, Flash Fiction and poster design. The whole event culminated in an assembly programme with brain-teaser quizzes which the students thoroughly enjoyed

Furthermore, to broaden our students’ exposure, we provide opportunities beyond the school for students to grow through various competitions. In 2022, our student Su Thu made it to the Semi-Finals of the Orator’s Trophy Secondary School Lower Secondary League.


The Music department seeks to engage all our lower secondary students in experimental learning and performances in a safe and conducive environment.

In 2022, we continued with exploration of film music. Students were exposed to the concept of foley and saw the relevance of its work in film music. 

Besides this, the department explored the use of loop music from Bandlab where students created original loop composition.

The department is hopeful that the programmes would help students learn confidently and go the extra mile for themselves.