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Character Development

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The school believes that character is the first and foremost element that will prepare our students to be world ready. We are committed in providing each student with a holistic education and in nurturing citizens of character who are active contributors of our society. 
Our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programme strives to impact every student through internalizing of values through authentic learning experiences.

The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programme in Jurongville encompasses the following key areas:
  • CCE lessons (Social Skills lessons, Well-being lessons)
  • Assembly Programme
  • Enrichment Programme
  • Values-In-Action Programme (Service Learning Programme)
  • Education and Career Guidance (ECG)
  • Cyberwellness Programme
  • Sexuality Education (SEd)
  • National Education (NE)

Service Learning 2021

Developing Empathy through VIA & Service Learning Projects

“We’ll always serve with steadfastness, and honour her ideal; To be committed and responsible, and give beyond ourselves with zeal.” These lyrics from our school song give a glimpse of the importance we place in empowering our students to serve others in the community.

Annually, during the lead-up to the Lunar New Year, the school collaborates with our community partners for a Values-in-Action (VIA) project called ‘Project Love’. Through this project, our students seek to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged families in Jurong East through the contribution of food hampers by all classes. Our students also design hand-made cards bearing their hopes and well-wishes to encourage the residents and to spread the festive cheer. This annual project deepens our students’ sense of empathy, and makes them more aware of the needs of the community around them.

Service Learning and Values-in-Action (VIA) are platforms structured for JVnites to put into practice the knowledge and competencies that they have acquired through various school-wide programmes. Through these platforms, JVnites will be able to sharpen their leadership skills, and develop empathy for those around them.

Our upper secondary students are involved in the Service Learning Programme where they are empowered to explore and serve the community’s needs. The students choose and plan a meaningful service learning project of their choice to inspire others to action. Due to the restrictions posed by COVID-19 pandemic, the students focus on indirect services and advocacy projects. Examples of these projects include conducting virtual workshops for the elderly; collecting items such as paper boxes, newspapers and trash bags for Animal Concerns Research and Education (ACRES); gratitude project to honour the security guards and canteen vendors; and raising awareness about mental health and kidney health. When students are given the autonomy to select their advocacy project, their sense of ownership is strengthened and they are even more driven to do good as citizens!

“The one thing that I have learnt during this experience was being determined. I was able to persevere and get through the entire project without giving up and abandoning my teammates aside. With determination, I could balance the different teams' tasks and ran the project with success! … What stuck to me the most was seeing how all my classmates were happily working together, talking things out whenever things get rough and coming together to solve issues as a team." - Swee Kaih Yinh, Audrey (4DP)

“I think that we got very close as a class when we worked together for a cause, a good one. We got to learn a lot about each other and about our strengths, putting them together while helping each other by working together to strengthen each other's weaknesses. Even if we have had our setbacks and differences, we learnt how to be more mature, caring and considerate. We matured as a class through all these activities.”
- Nisha (4IN)