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Angklung & Kulintang Ensemble

Teacher ICs:
  1. Mdm Musniffa
  2. Miss Julinda Chan
  3. Miss Norazila 
  4. Mdm Sri devi
  5. Miss Norita


Angklung and Kulintang Ensemble promotes music appreciation through the playing of the traditional eastern instruments such as the angklung and kulintang. The Angklung originated from Indonesia. The tubes, made of bamboo, are carved to have a resonant pitch when played. The Kulintang instrument is an assembly of several pieces of wood placed side by side, consists of Melody by arrangement diatonic, with a distance of octave tone, and as accompanist instrument.

As one angklung only produces a particular note, we commonly played angklung in the form of ensemble with each person holding multiple angklungs, making collaboration and cooperation the linchpin of a superb and harmonious performance. That is why everybody plays a pivotal role in an angklung ensemble.

Students learn both the technical skills of playing the Angklung or Kulintang, acquiring the theoretical foundation in music. 
Through performing of angklung and kulintang, we teach our pupils discipline, patience and perseverance.

CCA Photo

11.3.1 Angklung 190919.jpg

Student Leaders

Name Appointment Class
Nurul'fateha Binte Nasir President 3N4
Qistina Nabilah Bte Mohd Nazri Vice-President 3N4

Key Achievements

2017 -2018
Certificate of Distinction for SYF 2017 ---

Certificate of Distinction for SYF 2019

Training Schedule

We trained on every Tuesday from 3 – 5pm and on every Friday from 2.30 – 4.30pm.