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Design & Technology

Design and Technology anchors on design action and design process where students are engaged in design-and-make activities by solving simple everyday problems.   Students go through the rigour of design process by carrying out research and expressing their design ideas through their sketches. The students also develops hands-on skills through making activities by using the resistant materials to realize their design solution. 

For the upper sec programme, ICT is used to enhance their learning in design by using software such as Google Sketch-Up and SolidWorks. In addition, the students’ learning experience went beyond the classroom by taking part in design competition such as the South Zone Millennium Challenge at St Andrews Secondary School.  

Bridge testing in progress.


South Zone Millennium Challenge 2017- Sec 3 T1 students participating in the
mechanical toy vehicle category.


South Zone Millenium Challenge Challenge 2017- Sec 3 Exp/NA students
participating in the bridge building category.


Sec 1 project- Wooden toy formed by geometric shapes


Sec 1 project- A simple toothbrush holder formed by cleverly manipulating a single sheet of aluminium.