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Counselling and Special Needs


Counselling is a collaborative process in which the counsellor or psychologist facilitates the expansion of the students’ view of life, enlarges their repertoire of coping resources and enables them to make choices for a change in themselves, the situation and the environment, without destructive consequences to self or others1.The goal of intervention is to help students manage their concerns effectively and to enhance their total development.

1 Adapted from Yeo, A. (1993). Counselling: A Problem-Solving Approach, Armour Publishing (p5).

The Counselling Team at Jurongville Secondary School provides the following services:
  • conduct individual and small-group counselling to students
  • carry out developmental programmes relating to transition issues, stress management, anger management, conflict management, relationship management, positive thinking and responsible thinking
  • work with families of students being counselled, and conduct home visits when necessary 
  • refer students and their families to community resources for specialised assistance.
  • develop strategies for early identification and intervention of students with social, emotional and behavioural problems  
  • perform educational and career/vocational counselling  
  • advise teaching staff with regard to counselling-related issues based on identified needs 
  • organise training/workshops for parents based on recognised needs 
  • assist teaching staff with strategies on how to support students in distress 

Helpful Information

1) Students (and their families) are welcome to contact Counsellors for inquiries and referrals at Tel No: 6563 8704 Ext 419/424, within Office Hours.

2) After 5:00 pm, for emergency situations, kindly contact
    SOS - 1800 221 4444 (Daily, 24 hours)

Parents are also welcome to write in to JURONGVILLE@MOE.EDU.SG with regards to their children.

Support for Special Needs

A.  Inclusive Education

At Jurongville, we believe that every student is unique and has his/her own strengths, even if they have special educational needs. We provide the support to bring the best out of them. Our aim is to support them in school and instil life skills that will help them in the future.

B. Support given by Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support)

The structured and systematic support provided by our Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support) helps students cope with the academic, social, physical and emotional demands of school life:

  • providing withdrawal support with skills training which is specialised remediation that is goal targeted (e.g. anger management, improving communication & organisational skills)
  • offering in-class support by helping target students to understand lesson content using various means (e.g. audio-visual aids, mind mapping skills, Q&A sessions)
  • communicating said students’ needs to teachers
  • helping teachers and parents to better understand these students’ needs
  • setting up and maintaining special needs-friendly classrooms / learning laboratories
  • collaborating with external agencies that support students with special needs
  • contributing to case conferences in schools
  • keeping records of students with special needs

C. Submission of documents by parents who have children with special needs

Parents with children who are diagnosed with special needs are required to submit the following documents to the Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support):

  • recent full psychological report
  • medical report for examination accommodation in primary school if any
  • letter of examination accommodation provided by the primary school if any
  • letter of exemption for Mother Tongue if any
  • contacts of psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist that the student is currently seeing
  • letters or reports from the above stated medical professionals if any

The documents are kept confidential and are solely used for the comprehensive understanding of student-needs to craft out an effective support plan.

D. Contact Information of our Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support):

Mrs Maria Kenneth


Tel        : 65638704 ext. 420

For further enquiries please contact our Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioral Support).