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Parent Support Group (PSG) 

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Mr Cheong Yew Wah


Ms Lya Ang


Ms Jessica Kwok

Exco members

Ms Jazz Yew

Ms Doris lee

Ms Harshita

Ms Shirley Goh

Mr Raymie Bin Abdul Rahim

Mr Radin Azman Bin Ali

PSG Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Functions

Vision: Empowered and Enlightened Parents


Mission: To work in close partnership with the school in support of the school’s mission, which is to nurture our children to be dynamic learners, gracious and concerned citizens, empowered to lead and to serve


Philosophy: Every parent can be an even better one, and every parent can contribute

Our Functions:

„     Provide on-going support for parents

„     Reinforce positive coping behaviors

„     Share information, ideas and resources

„     Provide opportunities for networking


Our Focus Areas:

1. Parenting Knowledge and Skills

• We identify relevant training and workshops

• We conduct regular dialogues/platforms for sharing of experiences and updating parents on school and MOE policies, programmes and initiatives


2. Active Role Modelling

        • Our involvement in PSG is attestation of the “Beyond Self” motto through our willingness to learn, to be (even better) parents, and to contribute 
        • Our day-to-day behaviour exemplifies the school values of P.R.I.D.E.
        • We show a keen interest in the school through our participation in school activities


3. Partnership

• We serve as the bridge to foster communication and understanding between parents and the school




Sign up to join the PSG!


Join us to learn, achieve and contribute together with the rest of the JVS family! Sign up here. 



Our Events

The following are highlights of our recent PSG events. Do join us for the upcoming activities! (Scroll down for Calendar of PSG Activities for Sem 1)

PSG Activity - Father-Child Bonding via Bowling - 9 Sep 2017

On 9th September 2017, the JVS Parents Support Group held the annual bowling event for father-child bonding which was sponsored by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. It was a great opportunity for family members to bond with each other and even the mothers were also supporting their families in the background. 





PSG Activity – Scrapbbok Making - 12 Aug 2017

With Teachers' Day Coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to create crafts to show our appreciation for JVS teachers.





PSG Activity – In Appreciation of Parents (Terrarium Making) - 22 Apr 2017

As a lead-up to Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, students from JVS Environmental Committee represented their fellow students to honour parents by conducting a workshop on terrarium-making. 







PSG Cultural Appreciation (Traditional Eats) - 25 Mar 2017





'Together, One JVS Family' Celebration - 14 Jan 2017



Mothers and daughters engrossed in craftwork. 


Posing with our handmade flowers, perfect for CNY decoration!


Fathers and sons giving Robin Hood a run for his money in archery.


Parents, students and staff celebrating the New Year as one family. Lo Hei for a prosperous and blessed 2017!

PSG Bonding via Badminton - 25 Jun 2016

badminton 1.jpg

badminton 2.jpg

Father & Child Bonding Activity (Bowling), 21st February 2016



Sec 1 Parents Breakfast with Principal, February – March 2016

circle time_psg.jpg

P address_psg.jpg

P discussion_psg.jpg

Sec 2 Parents Breakfast Session with Principal - July 2016

breakfast 1.jpg

brakfast 2.jpg


Visit the Parent Partnership Website by SCHOOLBAG under MOE to access the resources and information on parenting tips, educational news, information on the school curriculum, and resources for parents to support your child’s learning at home – a website intended to bring you into the shared journey of educating your child. 

Calendar of PSG Activities (Sem 1 2017)



14 Jan 2017 (Sat)



PSG Activity cum Meeting 1/4

Theme: Celebrating the JVS Family (in conjunction with CNY on 28 Jan)

·         Concurrent activity: Dads and children – Archery (Tap on “Fathers @ School” Funds) / Mums and children – CNY Crafts

·         Lohei

·         PSG meeting


27 Jan 2017 (Fri)


CNY celebrations

·         Parents are invited to join in the school celebrations in the Hall


10 Feb 2017 (T1W6 Fri)


Breakfast with Principal (for Sec 1 Express parents)

·         Invitations to Sec 1 Ex parents will be sent out through CMs

·         PSG invited to attend to network with Sec 1 parents



Total Defence

Theme: Together we defend (in conjunction with TDD on 15 Feb)

·         TBC


3 Mar 2017 (Fri)



Breakfast with Principal (for Sec 1 NA/NT parents)

·         Invitations to Sec 1 NA/NT parents will be sent out through CMs

·         PSG invited to attend to network with Sec 1 parents


25 Mar 2017 (Sat)



PSG Activity

Theme: Cultural appreciation (in conjunction with Languages-Humanities Week in T2W2. 2017 theme is Food.)

·         Tea appreciation cum baking of traditional eats


7 Apr 2017


Speech Day

·         PSG invited to attend.


14 Apr 2017

(T2W4 Fri)


Breakfast with Principal (for Sec 2 Express parents)

·         Invitations to Sec 2 Ex parents will be sent out through CMs

·         PSG invited to attend to network with Sec 2 parents


21 Apr 2017

(T2W5 Fri)


Breakfast with Principal (for Sec 2 NA/NT parents)

·         Invitations to Sec 2NA/NT parents will be sent out through CMs

·         PSG invited to attend to network with Sec 2 parents


22 Apr 2017 (Sat)


PSG Activity cum Meeting 2/4

Theme: In Appreciation of Parents

·         Terrarium-Making Workshop conducted by students for parents

·         For Mothers and Fathers (Mothers’ Day in May, Fathers’ Day in Jun)


11-13 May 2017


Level Camp

·         Parents are invited to volunteer to speak with students through career talks


20 May 2017 (Sat) (T2W9)

PSG Activity

Theme: Sports

·         Activity TBC


25 May 2017 (Thu)


Sports Carnival

·         Parents are invited to participate in annual school sports carnival.


26 May 2017 (Fri)